Dr.Venu's special Anti-aging therapy

For majority of people, old age is a nightmare. There are common notions about the old age when people at large loose a control on their body; and persistent fatigue and weakening of mind and body make further ambitions in life prohibitive. Here, Siva’s unique Longevity Package comes as an inimitable solace. Siva’s Longevity Package eliminates old age health challenges by sustaining youthful vigor, vitality and enthusiasm. It comprises of 7-14 days’ treatment that provides for your body the natural shield out of most wanted medicinal inputs.

The rejuvenation process comprises of:

  • Various Oil Massages
  • Oil pouring to prevent aging and drying of skin
  • Cleansing the intestine
  • Freeing upper respiratory tract from obstructions
  • Relaxing head massage
  • Blood purifying mediation
Anti-aging therapy

Anti-aging therapy

Dr. venus special Rejuvenation Package

Ayurvedic system of medicine is noted for its commitment to the mantra of ‘prevention first’. Hence Ayurveda’s impetus is to increase one’s immunity power and prevent further onslaught of diseases. Due importance is provided for the elimination of impurities from human body, before and during the course of Ayurvedic treatment. Panchakarma is the cardinal procedure to effect rejuvenation of the body. Panchakarma helps in cleansing body of all impurities and ailments so as to restore necessary energy and enthusiasm required for the next one year.

Separate rejuvenation packages are available for women and men.

Detoxification package

Collection of various impurities inside human body causes various diseases, is one of the acclaimed doctrines of Ayurveda. When not properly eliminated, impurities like feces collect in the body and when body fails to assimilate them, they lead to different kinds of diseases. Siva’s Detoxification Package is a set of treatments to eradicate impurities and keep the body clean.


  • Expels the body...
  • Improves the body strength
  • Prevents probable diseases
  • Provides mental and physical vitality
  • Sets the body energetic for following one year

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